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Honda & GM Announce Partnership Around Battery Tech


Honda and General Motors (GM) have recently revealed a collaboration around developing new and advanced battery technology.

The two car companies have developed a partnership around new battery tech, which will include cell, chemistry, and modules that fit cells within vehicles. Their aim is to get a new battery that encompasses increased energy density, quicker charging, smaller packaging, and they believe they can achieve this goal faster if they put their collective heads together.

Interestingly enough, The Drive reported that this new battery tech stems from next-gen technology that GM is currently working on; where Honda will purchase these modules from GM. This partnership will enable both companies to be far more efficient with the project and lower overall expenses.

When you look at the electric vehicle (EV) spectrum, GM does have more experience: Honda has been developing hybrids for about eighteen years now (2000 Insight), the company’s only electric car is the plug-in hybrid, Clarity. Meanwhile, GM has a variety of EV models either already in production or being announced, this includes China’s Buick Velite 6 and North America’s Chevrolet Bolt; with the battery cells in the Bolt made by LG Chem.

Mark Reuss, GM’s EVP of Global Product Development chimed in the partnership stating that his company’s decades of experience around electrification and EV investment strategy, along with Honda’s dedication to advancing mobility will end up with enhanced solutions for both their clients, as well as progress for their vision around zero emissions.

This isn’t the first time these two car giants have hooked up for technology. Honda and GM have a joint venture currently around productions for advanced hydrogen fuel cell system to increase the commercial viability of cells. They also partnered up in the 2000s when Honda V6 engines lay in Saturn and GM diesels were found in Hondas produced in Europe.