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Honda Set To Debut New Accord This July


Hold onto your hats, Honda Accord fans! Some big news hitting the industry and you may want to jump on your laptops or devices to check out the big event. Auto manufacturer Honda recently revealed that its new Accord is set to debut on July 14th in Detroit. The new tenth-generation model’s unveiling is set to take place via live stream on YouTube.

Honda is promising a lot with this new Accord, with a focus on improved driving features, fuel economy, and better refinement. Sadly though with its debut, this will also mean dropping the V6 from Honda’s lineup. While it was a popular model, the V6 was also a slow sell in the marketplace. Still, the new Accord promises two improved turbo-charged engines to make up for this.

While the look of the car has yet to be revealed, it will have a top-line 2.0-liter turbo four, that will be potent, but still decreased in power when one compares it to Accord’s V6. It is also being reported that it is a detuned engine version of Honda’s Civic Type R.

MSN reported that Honda promises the availability of three transmissions for the new Accord: a CVT, a manual six-speed, as well as an automatic ten-speed that is new and developed by Honda. There may also be a two-motor hybrid in the works, sometime in the near future. The good news is, Honda is staying with manual, as more auto manufacturers in the industry leave three-pedal setups from the vehicles they are releasing.

Will Honda Accord fans be pleased or disappointed when the ten-generation car rolls out this summer? Only time will tell. Perhaps auto enthusiasts will have their eyes glued to their screens come July 14th. Accord’s online unveiling event should be an interesting one. Stay tuned …