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Honda’s New Concept Car Will Apparently Have ‘Feelings’


While humans feel a range of emotions whenever they purchase a new vehicle, Honda seems to want their cars to feel a little something too. Such is the case with their newest automobile, which is set to hit Las Vegas’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2017.

Titled the ‘NeuV’, Honda is stating that the car is a concepted automated electronic commuter vehicle, built with artificial intelligence (AI) that is being dubbed as an ‘emotion engine’. They go on to note that the vehicle will create new possibilities when it comes to human interaction and value for its clients.

MSN reported that the automaker recently released a statement saying that the they are tying together the power of AI, big data, and robotics to change the mobility experience. They also announced that their theme for the 2017 CES is ‘Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem’. Seems that Honda is heading in the right direction when it comes to trends and the auto industry, as other car manufacturers edge closer to a merging of cars and technology. The NeuV is a fine example of how Honda is more than ready to move along into the future of automobiles.

Taking a look at its picture, the car is a small one, seems lightweight, and looks like the perfect vehicle for city driving: one that can deal with congestion and tight parking jobs. And while cars built for driving in the city haven’t been in high demand as of late, with technology moving in the self-driving direction, they may be making a comeback and soon.

While the cube-shaped NeuV may seem boring in stature, the futuristic element of the car may be enticing enough to evoke emotions around buying them. The auto industry is moving into a demand for cars that meet the technological needs of this ever-evolving society … and NeuV seems to fit that ideal to a ‘t’. Although time will tell if drivers buy into its image, or if it simply become a model that seemed interesting at the time, but no one shares any interest in it.
Hope it doesn’t get its feelings hurt in the process.