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Hyundai And Cisco Partner Up For Connected-Car Technology

On Tuesday April 19th, Hyundai Motor Co. announced it is teaming up with Cisco Systems to create connected-car technology; just one aspect of the auto manufacturer’s goal to produce vehicles that are viewed as ‘high-performance computers on wheels’.

However, car companies teaming up with organizations in the tech world is nothing new as of late, where auto manufacturers aim to increase these partnerships so that they can further develop innovative concepts, on newly launching cars. As the race to create the first self-driving car to hit the auto market continues, car companies are specifically interested in vehicles that can hook up to the internet, and provide web-capability. Similar partnerships that have come together as of late include Toyota’s alliance, and expansion of a five-year agreement, with technology giant, Microsoft. The two companies are hoping to produce innovated web-connected auto services for dealers, and owners alike.

Automotive News reported that the leaders of both Hyundai and Cisco met in Seoul to discuss their partnership. It has been noted by Hyundai that Chuck Robbins, CEO, Cisco and Chung Eui-sun, Vice Chairman, Hyundai met, and have come to an agreement as it relates to co-developing an in-car network technology that would allow for a high-speed transfer of huge quantities of data.


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