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Iceland Recently Report An Issue Of ‘Gazing While Driving’


So many reasons to visit Iceland, however the top on many travelers’ lists are catching an incredible view of the Northern Lights and the aurora borealis. Still, trying to catch a glimpse of these sights, while incredible, can also turn into a disaster on the road (if you are driving), as these visions in the sky can be very distracting along those the snowy roads in Iceland.

Not surprisingly, a situation arose recently where Iceland police had to pull over two cars when they noticed the vehicles were driving erratically. While the police officers thought, the drivers may have been operating the vehicles while intoxicated, it was later realized that they motorists were sober, but simply overcome by the beauty of the Northern Lights in the sky.
As reported by Iceland Magazine, both instances occurred while tourist vehicles were on route to Keflavik International Airport, Iceland’s airport.

As per the Iceland Monitor, one motorist informed police officers that he caught a glimpse of the Northern Lights and couldn’t stop looking at the phenomena in the sky. The police then told the driver if he wanted to continue to look at the Lights, he would have to park the car.

Seems like common sense to most of us … if you are operating a motorized vehicle and find yourself distracted, simply move along to the side of the road, park the car, and deal with that distraction: whether that be a text that has caught your attention, the need to put makeup on, an email that have popped up, or if the Northern Lights has spurred your attention.

MSN reported that this distracted driving has become a huge issue in North America and it seems, thanks to those Northern Lights, it is now a problem that might be popping up in Iceland too.