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Jaguar F-Type To Transform Into EV Model?

Thanks to the success of I-Pace, Jaguar is currently pondering what sort of direction the F-Type should have; with a huge possibility that it could get transformed into an electric vehicle (EV) sports car, in retaliation to the Porsche 911 EV.

The team advised that Ian Callum, head of design for the company recently noted during an interview that Jaguar is asking itself if this should be the last hurrah for this old-school-type sports car, or, there is potential to switch it up a bit and make it the brand’s first EV sports car ever. He added that it is a hard decision, but one that is looking far more interesting as time goes by.

This may not sit very well with those gas-loving Jag enthusiasts. The F-Type was a revival that was meant to capture the essence of the original. While that remains to be seen, it still was very much a highlight for the brand. Having said that, if the F-Type goes all-electric, with a high-level of performance, it could also enhance the image of Jaguar has, as it makes its transition towards being thought of as an EV company.

The next generation development cycle is set to start soon, as the current one has a life expectancy of three years. Callum also noted range and driving dynamics, stating that he knows Jaguar is strong at dynamics as the I-Pace proves already that EVs can be very entertaining in this regard. When it comes to range, he believes it’s turning into less of a problem, thanks to advances on the horizon that could help move that along in the coming years.

In fact, one of the larger problems might be packaging. Callum noted that a challenge remaining is around packaging, and the essential raising up of a vehicle needed by the packaging of batteries. Still, he noted this would be an interesting challenge, not one that is insurmountable.

So, the F-Type really could be going nowhere, all thanks to an EV concept. As Callum ended the interview he boldly stated that “end of story”, the brand will always do sportscars.

Enough said then …


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