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John Cena’s Lawsuit Ford Up For Sale

For those auto enthusiasts who love following celebrity car news, then you may recall a couple months ago when Ford settle a lawsuit with WWE superstar and now Hollywood movie actor, John Cena, as well as a dealership. Cena resold a Ford GT shortly after purchase, breaking a contractual rule that the vehicle could not be sold for at least two years of ownership.

Well, Jalopnik revealed that very same car is back up for grabs, soon to be in Monterey, California, as part of an auction to sell it off via the same dealer that was originally sued.

Chico, California’s News Auto Inc. president, Bernie Knaus, stated that the reason behind the resale (again) is that the famer that they sold it to, at 78 years old, can not get in and out of the car after purchasing it a year ago; therefore, while he was excited about own one last sports car, he also wants it to go to a person who can drive it. In an interesting turn of events, the farmer reportedly applied for the GT directly to Ford, but was denied.

Sadly, it took close to a year after the car was delivered to discover that, due to back problems, the farmer could not easily get out or into the vehicle. Rather than having the car sit in his garage, he wants to sell it to a person who can actually drive it.

As the farmer is a ‘private guy’ he didn’t want Knaus to release his name, but did approach him on the best way to sell it. Both thought the Monterey Car Week auction was their best bet. The last time a Ford GT was auctioned off, it sold for close to 1.7 million. Ironically, it is currently part of another Ford lawsuit issued to Mecum Auctions.

The farmer’s GT only has 625 miles on it, and considering how much it has been bounced around, here’s hoping it finds its forever garage, soon.


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