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Did You Know The Color Of Your Car Can Determine The Likelihood Of It Being Stolen?


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of going to buy a new car is there? Well, after reading this, it may totally change your opinion on the color you originally wanted to buy as experts are weighing in on which automotive colors are most likely to be stolen!

Readers Digest reported that white apparently is the most frequently colored car to be stolen. Silver, cream, yellow, and beige are coming in next on the list. While some may assume that sports cars are among the most commonly sought after to steal, but such is not always the case. In fact, some have even had their car stolen by accident…

Back in November of last year for instance, an interesting (and heartwarming) story is coming out of Portland, Oregon recently, were a women’s Subaru Impreza ended up being stolen – by accident! Thankfully the mishap was found in a short amount of time, with the vehicle returned.

Erin Hatzi jumped on Facebook when her husband noticed her Subaru was not in the driveway one recent Tuesday night. She uploaded some photos from their security system of the individual they thought may have taken her red Impreza. The idea was to let social media do its own investigative work. Well, the plan succeeded.

As it turns, the car had been taken from an individual who was simply following instructions to pick up a red Subaru in that same area for friend. Once the person realized the error she had made, she promptly returned the vehicle along with a note of apology … and $30 to cover gas and the other inconveniences that were caused.
Sadly, the women who returned the car was met by police that Wednesday morning, while she was in the Hatzi’s driveway leaving the car. Thankfully she was able to explain the misunderstanding and the whole issue was resolved in a prompt matter.
Interestingly enough, the officers informed Hatzi that the person was able to take the car as some older Subaru vehicles have keys that substitutable. Note this fact, Subaru owners.

Apparently Hatzi’s insurance company had a good laugh when she ended up calling them to dismiss her claim. And while Hatzi was not entirely sure where her car spent the night, she is thankful that it was returned. As Hatzi puts it, her car had a small adventure.

While many cars go missing and are stolen daily all over North America, it is comforting to know that this one ended on a good note. It’s also comforting to know that there are still honest and good people out there in the world who go through all that trouble to return a car, and add in $30 to boot.