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LA Suffers From The Worst Traffic World Wide


When it comes to hitting the highway in and around any major city, most people dread the idea. Whether you have to go to work or head out for an appointment, people hate commuting; thanks to the ever-growing traffic in most international cities. But who has the best of the worst traffic globally?

This may not surprise anyone who lives in and around the Los Angeles area, but the according to the connected car services organization, INRIX, the city has been given the number one spot when it comes to traffic-bound cities around the globe, where over 1,060 cities were part of the evaluation.

As per INRIX’s report, entitled Global Traffic Scorecard, commuters in LA spend about 104 hours each year (on average) battling traffic. That’s a good chunk of someone’s day when you break it down; sitting in a vehicle, fighting other cars on the road to make to work, errands, or meetings. Here’s hoping LAers have some good tunes blaring or at least a fellow carpooler (or two) to chat with, to help pass the time.

In more traffic-related bad news, MSN reported that America holds the fourth spot for countries around the world, that are most congested; with five cities in the United States that hit the company’s top ten list for traffic. The Global Traffic Scorecard also revealed that New York City hits the number three spot when it comes to congested cities on Earth, with 89 hours of traffic that New Yorkers have to sit in annually.

So, that may not seem like much, since that equals out to be about 0.34 hours daily (assuming one works five days weekly, for every week within the year), but it is important to note that the number is an average approximation; there are most likely a number of commuters that his larger numbers daily and yearly due to longer travel during their commute.