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Lamborghini Catches On Fire After Valet Takes It For Joyride


It’s every car owner’s nightmare (especially those lucky drivers who own luxury automobiles): entrusting a valet to park your car, only to have the person take it for a devastating (and damaging) joy ride. Still, while it may seem like a funny clip out of an 80’s movie rather than a real-life situation, a Florida valet driver (and Lambo owner) recently learnt a hard lesson on responsibility (and who should be trusted) when the keys to a red Aventador were handed over, so the car could be parked.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t parked, and the valet driver ended up taking the car for a cruise along Miami’s South Beach streets. The end result? After an aggressive ride around town, the Lamborghini caught on fire.
Witnesses claimed that the valet over-revved the engine while out on the ride with the automobile, and shortly after, the car caught on fire; which created quite the scene for pedestrians and those passing by.

MSN reported that someone swiftly came by to help put out the fire with an extinguisher, and while the flames were put to rest, they were too late in stopping any damages on the $400,000 Lambo. Sadly, that will be one expensive repair bill; although there is no word on if the car is fixable, or what will happen to it.

Once the photo-ops from the growing crowd subsided, the Lambo was then pushed along the street to a safer location. Here’s hoping that the valet has learnt his lesson; joyrides should be saved for vehicles that are outright owned, and not on someone else’s ride. No word on the repercussions that are sure to fall on the flighty Florida valet.