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Lamborghini From “Italian Job” Movie For Sale


In a tale that seems set right out from a movie, Iain Tyrell, from the Cheshire Classic Cars dealership in England, claims his brokerage has the 1968 Lamborghini Miura P400, the same one that seems to have been lost for approximately 46 years, from the movie ‘The Italian Job’. Tyrell states that last Christmas, he received some information, stating that the car was in Paris. Once there, he was led to an underground, secret parking garage, and was given only three hours to confirm that the car was in fact the same one used in the 1968 movie.

This was challenging to say the least, considering the studio returned the car to Lamborghini once filming ended. It turns out, Lambroghini sold the sleek vehicle to an Italian dealer, and since, there have been four owners of the 1968 Miura up until 2005, when it was sold to Norbetto Ferretti. Oddly enough, as it turns out, Ferretti’s father is the original dealer who purchased the car from Paramount Pictures in the first place; something Norbetto himself, nor the previous owners, realized! It is a small world after all …

MSN reports the March edition of the magazine Octane ran a feature that was 15 pages long, providing all the forensic details linking Tyrell’s car to the one in the movie; still, the magazine states it cannot be sure. The Miura from the movie was called also “the coolest car in the world” by Top Gear in 2004, and should Tyrell’s car be the very same one from the “Italian Job”, its estimated worth is approximately $1.5M US. Meanwhile, the car is being listed as “POA,” meaning “price on application” in UK lingo. In other words, anyone who is serious in their consideration of buying this car, should ensure they have their payment in tow.