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Last Bugatti Veyron Hypercar Has Been Sold

The 16-cylinder, quad-turbo Bugatti Veyron shocked the sports car world upon its production debut a decade ago, instantly breaking a long-standing land speed record to earn the title of “World’s Fastest Street-Legal Production Car.” When Volkswagen acquired the historic sports car brand in the late 1990s and set its top engineers to work, the new company had four targets: more than 1,000 horsepower, a 240-mph top speed, 0-to-62-mph acceleration in under 3 seconds, and daily drivability on the street.

From the get-go, the new Bugatti made clear that only 450 Veyron units would be produced before the world-beating hypercar would be retired for good. Ten years later, they have made good on that promise, with the last example bought by an unnamed customer in the Middle East. The final car, a Veyron Grand Sport roadster, bears a special “La Finale” designation and will be shown at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The cars have sold for an average price of $2.6 million.

First-run Veyron models packed an 8.0-liter, 16-cylinder engine packing four turbochargers and the most complicated cooling system ever fitted to a production car for a cool 1,001 horsepower. The two-door coupe was capable of 253 mph. Then, as other hypercars caught up to Bugatti’s fine machine, the company upped the ante with the Veyron Super Sport, which raised output to 1,200 horsepower for a Guinness World Record-verified 267-mph top speed. The lineup expanded to include the targa-top convertible Veyron Grand Sport and numerous special editions.

All in all, Bugatti sold 300 hardtops and 150 Grand Sports, around half of those cars finding owners in Europe while a quarter of all units reached the United States. The car still holds the record for the world’s fastest street-legal production car, depending on who you ask, as American company Hennessey Performance and European outfit Koenigsegg both claim their top-spec supercars are faster.

Bugatti’s next project, reportedly codenamed “Chiron”, is expected to produce at least 1,600 horsepower with an on-sale date in 2018


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