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Leaked Photos Of 2019 For Mustang Appear On Instagram?

Social media is notorious for leaking the outcomes of shows, new music and video singles, as well as other things people are anxiously awaiting the debut of. Now it seems that the much-anticipated release of the 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby may have suffered the same fate via Instagram, from someone named ‘Kyle’, with the user handle dubbed ‘sinister_lifestyle, who seems to be a 20-year-old hailing from Detroit.

While there is no way of knowing exactly if the car that he posted on the popular social media platform is in fact the new Mustang that is touting top speeds of over 200 miles per hour and 720 horsepower; however, from the image, it seems like the real deal. There is a snake logo in the middle of the car’s grille, which also exhibits the bigger air inlets, lower intake area, and changed fog light; all of which look very similar to the teaser image the company revealed this past March. Additionally, another photo Ford released reveals the Mustang on that similar white/blue color pattern, along with a large decklid spoiler that resembles the one in the IG photo.

It’s important to note, Road and Track revealed that auto enthusiasts won’t get a peak at the new Ford Mustang until its official unveiling in Detroit at the 2019 North American International Auto Show. While the company has provided similar snippets of the vehicle to show the public, the unofficial IG post is the first time anyone has seen anything substantial in regard to the Super Snake.

How did Kyle snag a photo of this new car, and have the guts to post it? Those seem like even bigger questions when it comes to this Instagram leak.

It’s important to note that Ford is holding a national dealer conference in Las Vegas, which often includes sneak peaks at new models that will draw drivers into dealerships; therefore, it makes sense that the photo reveals the Mustang on what looks like a car display, and could explain the origin of the photo.

While those who attend these types of events are often told not to leak photos or information out to the public (duh?), they are also often asked to sign non-disclosure agreements. It seems like ‘Kyle’ clearly threw all caution to the wind in this regard. He may be in a lot of trouble, once he gets tracked down.


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