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Lincoln Launching New Complimentary Service For Clients


Very exciting news for Lincoln owners! The company recently revealed plans to launch a pickup and complimentary delivery service for clients whose cars require attention at the dealership. This would also include dropping off loaners to clients, and is all part of the company’s commitment to offering Lincoln drivers an enhanced luxury experience.

The new service will commence March 1st of this year and will be offered to those who have 2018-year model cars. When a Lincoln vehicle requires maintenance or service, the dealership will simply come to retrieve the car and then drop it off when it is complete.

In addition to this, Autotrader reported that the dealership will offer Lincoln owners a loaner to drive while their car is away. The service is offered complimentary for a four-year term and 80,000 km.

Lincoln spokesperson Terry Erb chimed in on the new pickup and delivery service adding that this will provide Lincoln drivers with a personally-crafted and exclusive experience that will also help their clients save on a true luxury, which is time. He added that the service will take away another little annoyance from their clients’ lives.

This pickup and delivery service is just one element of The Lincoln Way customer service experience, a new initiative for the brand. There’s also an app that allows clients to start their vehicles remotely, includes a concierge team that can help clients when making new car purchase decisions, as well as helping owners with their car’s features, and offering roadside assistance.

The company also recently sent customers approximately 1,000 dream date events; an initiative which offers potential clients the opportunity for an evening or weekend test drive that is then followed up with a dinner a fine dining establishment.

Sounds like a dream date to us! Where do we sign up?