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Lotus Unveils First New Vehicle Since 2008

The British sports car manufacturer, Lotus, has a 71-year history in the auto industry, and is promising the unveil of a new electric vehicle (EV) hyper car come July of this year. Dubbed the Type 130, its debut was official announced at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier in 2019, and the date for its release is July 16th.

More than that, the new Lotus EV marks the first time the car company has launched a car since the Evora, in 2008. The sports car maker has confirmed that Type 130 will be produced at its Hethel plant, their base facility since 1966. It’s also being reported that a mere 130 units of the hyper car will be built; however, not much more was revealed. There is no confirmation on the price tag around Type 130, how fast it’ll end up driving, range, or even how it looks.

Having said that, with a reputation like the one Lotus has, the new sports car should be a hit; especially if manufacturers focus on speed, performance, and battery power. While it has been an incredible 11 years since the auto sector has seen anything from the company, with investors surrounding the project, here’s hoping Lotus can experience some long-overdue success from the Type 130.

Jalopnik revealed the huge unveiling of Lotus’ new hyper car takes place in about four weeks in London. The company has revealed that production on the EV will roll out shortly after the world sees the Type 130 model, with cars being delivered in early 2020.

The good news is that Lotus has created an electrification chassis before, supplying Elise to the Tesla brand for their very original Roadster model; so they do have experience in this. Here’s hoping all goes well for Lotus, and the Type 130 proves to be well “worth” the “wait”.


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