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Man Donates 30,000 Toy Cars To Church


While some are full-sized, and others simply tiny little tinker toys, a Minnesota church was recently reeling when a local man donated 30,000 toy cars to the organization.

Dennis Erickson, Lakeville, MN was a man of God, and attended the Pentecostal Celebration Church regularly; serving as an usher from time-to-time, as well as enjoying the Sunday service. Sadly, he was an only child, that did not have any children, and his parents were deceased as well. Therefore, when Erickson passed on recently, at 69 years of age, the civil engineer decided to leave everything he owned to the church, including the 30,000 cars … which also happens to be one of the largest toy car collections across the globe.

MSN reported that Erickson seemingly purchased more than one toy car daily, for his entire life. He also accumulated many automotive brochures, that were all catalogued accordingly, and collected some full-sized classic cars too. Within his 30,000-piece collection, he had a 1966 Rambler in his garage, a 1959 Edsel, and Ford Model T. Erickson also owned a 1977 Bonneville; however, he decided to give that car to Glen Lindell, an old friend that he took a road trip with in the car, years prior.

While it would be great to be able to keep the collection as is, the church is hoping to sell the toy car collection, and raise thousands of dollars from it, alone. The organization in turn is planning on using those funds to renovate their youth facilities.