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Man Purchases $100K Car at a Dealership With Coins!

Remember that piggy bank that sat in your bedroom as a kid, and how you always had to wait until you could wrap the coins up and cash them in at the bank? What a pain, and it felt it took forever to get a whole roll of nickels didn’t it? This was way before machines like the Coinstar were invented to simplify the whole process for the kiddies with hunks of change today, boy do they have it easy! Now picture taking all of those coins to the car dealership and using them to pay for your car! Sound like fun? That’s exactly what a man just did in China.

You may be thinking of a used, cheap car when the mere thought of paying with coins comes to mind, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A man in Shenyang recently walked into a dealership and purchased his vehicle with his coin savings for a cool 660,000 yuan. Which equates to $106,000! He managed to only use paper bills for $3,200 of it, the rest in coins that was driven to the lot in a truck carrying over 1300 wrapped bundles of coinage!

Yahoo reports the man who purchased the car “Mr. Gan”, is employed at a gas station where he began saving the coins. He decided to start saving them because of the lack of banks nearby, and had the thought of saving them for the sole purpose of one day having enough funds to purchase a new car. Pretty cool way to get some new wheels!


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