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Mercedes Gets Flipped After Six Seconds, During A Test Drive


Recently, a woman in Virginia shocked a Mercedes-Benz dealership (and staff) when she not only demolished the vehicle she was driving, but five others in the lot, during a regular test drive. The most interesting part of this story (above what you have just read that is?) She destroyed all those vehicles, in record time; with only six-seconds into starting her test drive.

The woman arrived at the Arlington Mercedes-Benz dealership in Ballston, VA, on August 20th. She was interested in taking the GLE 350 SUV model for a test drive that morning, and as it seems, everything fell down the waist line as soon as she started the ignition. While an employee of the dealership did ride shotgun, along with two others in the back seat of the car, the women placed her foot down on the accelerator right away, and everything went haywire. She ended up careening through the entire parking lot of the dealership, as such, demolishing four other cars, including the one she came in. It doesn’t end there, as the Virginia woman ended up rolling the GLE she was riding in, to its side, as well.

Of course, Arlington County fire fighters and the police were immediately at the crash scene, but despite a lot of car metal everywhere, no serious injuries were reported; well, other than the women’s pride, some sad dealership staff, and heartbroken car enthusiasts everywhere.

Still, while car crashes during test drives are overall a rarity, they do sometimes happen, and are still quite a concern for dealerships and their staff, alike. More recently, last year a female driver crashed a brand new Camry, as well as several other cars at a dealership near Houston. Additionally, early in 2016, a salesman died in Ontario, Canada when a test drive for a Corvette, went wrong and had a terribly and tragic ending.

MSN reported that while buyers need to beware when it comes to entering a car dealership or thinking about purchasing a vehicle; sales people and dealers also (clearly) need to be weary when it comes to test drives.