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Miami Drug Kingpin’s Car Collection Auctioned Off


The United States government recently auctioned off the car collection of infamous Miami drug kingpin, Alvaro Lopez Tardon. The auction was online, and nine incredible vehicles were auctioned off, in total.

Most of the collection consisted of vehicles that are typically accumulated by a man of wealth. Still, there were some gems that were noteworthy within the bundle, including Lopez Tardon’s Bugatti Veyron, which gathered bids of over $900,000; as well as a Ferrari Enzo, tagged at over 13,000 miles, that was given bids at over $1.9 million. Lastly, there was also a Maybach 57s, not to mention another Ferrari (F430), with only a little over 33,000 miles run on it. He may have been a drug kingpin, but he knew how to take care of his vehicles, and he clearly had upscale auto tastes.

MSN advised that the vehicles were auctioned off online, via the Apple Auctioneer Co., which ironically, has a staff member with the name, Ocean Commander (no joking here, folks).

At 41 years of age, Alvaro Lopez Tardon was of Spanish decent and a resident of Spain; however, he preferred to spend most of his days in Miami, Florida – within the United States. He was at the forefront of a drug trafficking ring that was international in scope, and made his fortune off of money laundering activities. As per the U.S. Marshals Service, Alvaro was at the head of bringing over 7,500 kg of cocaine to Spain, from South America. This business garnered over $14 million dollars, money that Lopez Tardon loved to spend.

And he not only simply spent that money, he seemed to favor spending it on luxurious items, including: buying properties in Florida, jewelry, and of course, incredible vehicles.

Still, his extravagant lifestyle did not last. In 2011, after indicting Alvaro, the feds, along with local police, launched a cross-jurisdictional, multi-year investigation. Through this collaboration, they were able to convict him on 13 money laundering counts, as well as one conspiracy to commit a money laundering act. Alvaro Lopez Tardon is now at the Miami Federal Detention Center, in the midst of a 150-year prison sentence.