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Millennials Feel Cars Are A Reflection Of Themselves


Ah, those crazy Millennials. Every part of their life, from their appliances, to smartphones, to pets of choice, are simply a reflection of their lifestyle. And while some may be under the assumption that they snub their noses when it comes to cars in general, the truth is, what they want are vehicles that match their personality.

In fact, results from a recent survey conducted by Mini USA/Orc International Caravan Omnibus reveal this very idea. Over 1,000 Millennials across America participated in the questionnaire, with 39 percent stating their current automobile reflects their character, and an additional 21 percent stating they yearn for more options in newer vehicles when it comes to purchasing a new car of their own.

Department Head of Brand Communications, Mini USA, Patrick McKenna chimed in on the results of the survey saying that the company has always understood how their clients value creativity in cars. He went on to note that Mini USA’s semi-annual cross-country road trip is evidence of the differing options that drivers have at their fingertips when customizing their Minis. He stated that one simply just needs to walk through the parking lot with over 500 Minis during this road trip, and you will see first-hand that there was not one Mini that was the same as the other. An interesting, yet very fun, fact about Minis and their employees!

As such, the company has claimed it provides more than 10 million options around personalization combinations, whether that be wheels, racing stripes, contrasting roofs, premium upholstery … well, you get the idea … in order to ensure that each Mini owner is content with the uniqueness of their vehicle.

Back to the survey, according to Auto File it revealed that cost seems to be a factor for Millennials purchasing new cars as well. In fact, 42 percent value cost as a factor when leasing or buying a new car. Twenty-one percent of Millennials revealed they also consider safety ratings while thinking about a new-vehicle purchase.

It’s important to note, the questionnaire surveyed 1,017 Millennial adults, with 512 of those females and 505 of those males; which was a pretty even representation of the demographic across America today.