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Minnesota Dealership Runs Sale Promotion; Buy a Car, Get a Gun For Free!

Yes, you read that title correctly; buy a car and you get a gun as part of this second amendment promotion. The Minnesota car dealership “Al’s Dealership” has been advertising this rather controversial sales theme for the entire month of May. Car buyers get to choose between a free handgun or a lawn mower when they purchase a car or truck worth $5,000 or more.

Al Birman is the owner and creator of this promotional sale and car lot, and apparently all for Americans and their right to bear arms. As you can imagine, there will be those that wholeheartedly support this one of a kind car deal, and others that think it’s ridiculous. Mr. Birman has reported that he has been “flooded with calls” since they began advertising the sale of both opinions.

While one may assume this is only an outlet to allow criminals to obtain firearms, Al says such is never the case. He states “Criminals typically don’t run to a dealership to buy a car, to get a free gun, to hold up a bank”. To answer some of your possible questions, there is a gun dealership working closely with Al’s car lot to orchestrate the free gun promotion. They are also conducting the regular background checks required to purchase any gun in the state, so to those presuming folks that ordinarily cannot purchase a gun legally would be able to do so through this car dealer, such isn’t the case.

Phoenix’s Fox News featured a video of some of the backlash the car dealer is experiencing which was bound to happen regardless of how many measures may have been taken by Mr. Birman. While one would presume no one would go out and buy a car just to obtain a gun that they can most likely purchase on their own doing at any time; the promo may have increased sales solely based on those that are very big supporters of the second amendment looking to help out a car dealer that has similar beliefs as they do.


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