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Model States She Was Fired From Hyundai Gig Because Of Period


Crazy story coming out of the world of the auto industry. Recently, a model, who was set to work the 2017 New York International Auto Show (NSIAS) for Hyundai, stated she was let go after getting her period.

Rachel Rickert, 27 years of age, reportedly claimed her agent told her she was let go from the gig, on April 15th.

According to a report, the auto company learnt that the model was on her menstrual cycle and didn’t want her participating in the auto show. The model reached out to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and filed a complaint.

As part of her role, Rickert was the first point of contact at Hyundai’s station during the NYIAS, welcoming guests to the area. She was doing so for about three hours, before she was given a bathroom break. Sadly, for the model, she was too late when it came to changing her tampon, and ended up staining the Hyundai clothing she was given. She alerted her agent, Erika Seifred, about the situation and Seifred relayed the company requested she simply take the remainder of the day off work, due to her ‘period situation’.

MSN reported that the model was not happy about this as she was paid hourly and had planned on working more that day. Two days after, her agent told her that the company had fired her.

As per a report, the model stated she has yet to receive the $5,000 she had believed she would get for her work at the NYIAS, on behalf of Hyundai. This issue could result in a federal court discrimination legal suit.

A Hyundai spokesperson made a statement about the situation, relaying that the company takes any complaint of this nature seriously and they plan on responding once they investigate the matter.