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Mom Saves Child’s Life By Worried Text To Dad Regarding Car Seat

It seems like mother always knows best. A story coming out of Tennessee proves just that. A mom recently saved her little one’s life when she started to send texts to her hubby, worrying about their kiddo’s car seat. Aged 31, Rebecca Tafaro had concern over leaving their three-month-old infant, William, alone with dad David for the first time. As such, the husband was asked to send updates, hourly, on the child’s condition while she worked a shift at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

According to Washington Post, one picture from David was of the baby in his car seat while dad did some errands.

However, when the new mom realized that the chest clip was too low, and the straps of the baby’s car seat seemed loose, she took action and sent a text to tell him to fix it.

Thankfully, David listened to his wife’s instructions and did so right away.

David would send a text to Rebecca about 15 minutes later, telling her that he had been in a car crash. A vehicle steered in David’s direction after the new dad made a left turn while at an intersection. The family’s car got totaled in the accident.

While this news was disheartening, there was a huge silver lining. As David had followed his wife’s advice, baby William slept through the entire incident and left the accident unharmed. Still, David wasn’t so lucky; breaking a foot in a variety of spots, and dislocating some toes. It could have been worse, but it wasn’t. Thankfully the child was okay, and that really is all that matters.

As per Safe Kids Worldwide, car seats that are secured properly decrease the risk of infant death by approximately 71%, and baby William is a fine example of just how car seats do in fact save young lives.


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