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Motorists Okay With The Idea Of A Driving Test Every 5 Yrs


A recent study coming out of the United Kingdom revealed that motorists believe a driving test should be re-taken every five years. The main reason? The ever-increasing technological advancements that are occurring in automobiles as of late.

The study results were released shortly after the announcement of changes coming to the licensing system in the UK via a new test and hitting alone driving time through graduated licensing, as well as dealing with onboard navigation system instructions and newly needed driving manoeuvres. This marks the eighth time the UK driving test has been altered since 1935.

Interestingly enough, close to half of the respondents believed that driving tests should be updated more, as auto technologies seem to be advancing at a rapid rate. Other reasons behind drivers’ acceptance of this change include driving practices in general.

When asked about things that should change within the driving tests, 64 percent stated an increase of awareness around laws and smartphone usage and 57 percent thought drivers could be instructed on how to check tread depth in their tires and pressure, levels of oil, and other car maintenance issues.

MSN reported that drivers of the future will also face increased amounts of autonomous driving assists within their cars and self-driving cars that will take over the reigns of the road. These new vehicles and their assists may negate the needs around blind-spot shoulder checks, parallel parking, will alter the way drivers make lane changes, and other driving maneuvers in general.

Additionally, with the electronic vehicle movement taking force, motorists will also need to be educated on being far more aware of things around them; especially charging stations! In all seriousness, they will need to be aware of driving ranges and how to preserve their car’s energy to ensure they get where they need to go.

With the world changing around us every day, the need for a driver’s test to be taken every five years or so, seems like a logical requirement.