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Musk Tweets About Potential Subs Solution For Thai Cave Rescue

While rescue efforts are still underway, with eight boys from the soccer group safe and another four to go who are trapped within a Thailand cave, Tesla’s CEO took the opportunity to hop on social media to share videos and photos of a metallic pod that his team created that could help with the rescue.

CNN reported that Elon Musk posted a group testing the pod in a Los Angeles swimming pool, via Twitter. He also sent out a tweet on July 8th stating that the ‘kid-sized’ submarine was on its way to Thailand, set to arrive in 17 hours. The billionaire also posted a tweet stating that he hopes it is useful and if not, it might be in a situation in the future.

Elon’s tweets were posted after officials in the United States and Thailand confirmed the rescue of four boys after a team of 12 were locked in a flooded cave. The boys had been trapped in the cave, along with coach, for 15 days. Four other boys have since been rescued, and the world awaits the last four to be rescued, along with their coach, hopefully soon.

Musk also stated on Friday July 7th that engineers within his staff were going to travel to the cave to see how they could help. Over this past weekend, Musk has posted sporadically with updates stating that due to feedback from Thailand, his engineers built a small ‘kid-sized’ submarine with a large silver tube that was meant for attachment on to a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

He explained that the tube would be very ‘robust’ and light enough to be carried by two divers, yet small enough to make its way through narrow gaps within the cave. The device also had a nose cone to protect from rocks, and oxygen ports.

It’s clear that the rescue attempt is a tricky and dangerous one; with former SEAL and Thai Navy Sgt. Saman Kunan who passed away during his rescue mission due to lack of air while trying to get back to the command center underground.

Here’s hoping the final four boys and their coach can make it to safety and soon. Forecasters are currently predicting a heavy monsoon rain to return in the following days, which will seal off the cave until fall.


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