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Mustang Honored In Timeless Watch Piece


REC Watches, a Danish company that creates one-of-kind timepieces stemming from legendary vehicles has recently created something that could land on every Mustang-lover’s holiday wish list. It’s a P-51 Mustang watch that retails for just under $1,500 USD.

Autofile reported that Christian Mygh, REC Watches co-founder, recently chimed in on the watch stating that when most see an old Mustang, they just see a metal pile, but his company sees something entirely different: the soul of a vehicle and a story that should be told. Mygh added that he’s not ‘cutting up’ Mustangs, rather, bring cars that are beyond repair and giving them a new life as a watch.

Along with his partner Jonathan Kamstrup, Mygh visits yards world wide for genuine pieces to create their watches; however, REC also builds one-of-a-kind pieces for clients who donate old parts. One recent customer who did so was Vaughn Gittin Jr., World Champion Drifter, using his World Drifter Series Ford Mustang RTR.

Every REC watch comes with a video that details the car’s history – coming from photos, stories, and conversations from past owners – in addition to the vehicle’s VIN, production year, and classic design cues. Other features of the watch include a power dial that offers an insight to battery life, which also happens to resemble a fuel gauge.

The company was founded by Kamstrup and Mygh in 2014, two huge auto enthusiasts who are inspired by the three Rs (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle). The ‘REC’ stands for REClaim, RECover, RECycle. REC has also produced a 901 (via reclaimed Porsche 911s), and a Cooper and Mark I (both watches from Mini Coopers) in addition to the Mustang P-51.

In a recent jaunt to Sweden, Mygh and Kamstrup discovered a 1966 Raven Black model to be added to the P-51 collection, with just 250 watches made.

REC is asking visitors of their website to help them decide on their next watch. They have offered a list that includes: a Supermarine Spitfire fighter aircraft, BMW M3 E30, Willys Jeep, a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, or an Alfa Romeo Duetto.