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Mustang Mach 1 Hidden In Basement For Over 25 Years


This seems wrong, on so many different levels, but it is being reported that a 1969 428CJ Mustang Mach 1, bought brand new from a dealership, was recently found, locked away in a basement for well over one-quarter of a century. With only 41,525 miles on it, it may be dusty, but it is still in its original format and looking amazing!

MSN reported that Tommy Higgins, the Mustang’s new owner, oversees a performance facility for Mustangs, close to Atlanta and has been overseeing the care of the car since 1988. He had offered the second owner tips and tricks on preservation. He suggested leaving a box of charcoal open inside to keep out unwanted moisture (which seems to benefit Tommy now that he owns it, and the interior is still in great condition). Higgins also ensured replacement tires for the car were ordered from Goodyear before they were discontinued in production.

The ‘Stang still has the original spare tire (Goodyear, of course) and the jack it came with.

All labels and coding from the factory are still identifiable and visible, as well as the accessory driver belts operational. In fact, in the trunk lies Headlight Aim Adapters, supplied by the factory, in a plastic bag. Higgins has declined an offer for these rare items (at $2,500).

While the car is quite dusty after being locked away from civilization for over 25 years, Higgins still hasn’t brought himself to wiping it away. Still, when you look beyond the dirt, one can see a nice paint job, no door dents or dings, and the true beauty of the Mustang Mach 1.

Taking a look inside the vehicle, the wood panels still look fresh and the headliners seem like brand new. Nothing seems to have suffered any wear and tear, with the exception of the floor mats in the front, which are a little dirty. The exterior and interior lights work well, so do the gauges, and all the outside lenses are still in good (and original) condition.

The Mustang has a paper trail that consists of the original bill of sale, confirming Marti Report, and build sheet. The best news is, it won’t be long before it is detailed and washed for the first time, in a long time. Maybe it will eventually hit the open road, once again … who knows?