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New App Allows Volvo Owners To Wash Up Or Fill Up Anywhere


Technology continues to grow worldwide, and the auto world is no exception to this rule. Techy wizards continue to create technology for auto manufacturers in efforts to distinguish the models they offer and their overall brand. In an effort to create an enhanced driving experience for clients, auto company Volvo has added an additional feature as of late, to its ecosystem connect car.

Via a mobile app, Volvo drivers in Seattle and San Francisco (for now) can get their vehicles washed up – and fueled up – at the click of a button no matter where their SUV or car is located. The mobile application is available to those Volvo drivers in the above areas with vehicles in the model years of 2015 or higher. The app was created in partnership with STRATIM and Filld, where drivers can get their cars filled up and washed up, with a click of a button.
Is there anything our smartphones can’t do these days? Clearly not …

MSN reported that after an owner has made their fuel/wash up selection via a mobile device, a team will locate the car, gain access to it, and complete the tasks requested: night or day, regardless of where the vehicle is parked. Due to the complexity of the duties at hand, drivers will have to pay a fee for these service, obvi.

It is being reported that the wash up and fuel up simply initial services offered by the app and as time wears on, others will be added to make the lives of Volvo drivers as easy as can be; helping them to save time within their hectic and go-getting days.

Imitation is the best form of flattery, and with this new and innovative application, it won’t be too shocking to see other auto brands follow suit and develop a similar app with services services to enhance the client experiences for their customers.