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New Auto Brand To Hit North American Markets Soon


Big news auto enthusiasts! A brand-spanking-new auto brand, Lynk & Co, has recently launched. The brand is an extension of China auto manufacturer Geely. While the news broke last week, the brand is expecting to release its first vehicles to the Chinese market in early 2017, and then later on in the year to U.S.A and Europe customers. Canadian markets to follow after that.

MSN reported that Geely has a goal to expand its appeal with a focus on the middle class of the market, and it is hoping Lynk & Co can fill this void. The auto maker currently own Volvo under its umbrella; a brand that is specially targeted to those buyers with luxury appeal.

Reports are indicating the vehicle that Lynk & Co’s will debut is that of the SUV variety, and will be produced on the Compact Modular Architecture stage, a platform that was developed together by Volvo and Geely. And that’s not all, hold onto your hats: apparently, a sedan model is also in the works and being talked about, as per an April report from Reuters.

As a big as a new auto brand hitting the North American market is, the biggest news around all this buzz just might be the fact that these Lynk & Co vehicle(s) have the potential to be the most connected automobiles the market has seen thus far.

As Chief Design Officer of Lynk & Co, David Green recently stated, the company has developed something far greater than just a vehicle. He goes on to note that the Lynk & Co have developed a digital platform around new thinking, with collaboration and sharing in mind; where only the creativity and imagination of the brightest out there can set boundaries on how they can improve the use of autos, and the understanding of mobility.

Sounds like a pretty big venture. Only time will tell if the brand Lynk & Co (and the vehicles they produce) can truly back up above statement. Guess we will all learn more, as the months and weeks fly by to the reveal of their first automobile.