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New Cadillac CTS-V Celebrates Brand’s 115th Birthday


Ever remember those lucky teenagers in high school that got a car for their sixteenth birthday? Well, that comes to mind as Cadillac approaches a huge anniversary! To celebrate the brand’s 115th birthday, Cadillac is releasing a 2018 CTS-V limited edition, with a new and exclusive color. The company also plans on only releasing 115 units of the CTS-V Glacier Metallic Edition to honor this incredible milestone for the auto manufacturer.

Smoky light gray in coloring, the vehicle features illuminated door handles on its exterior, 19-inch forged and polished alloy wheels, as well as Brembo red brake callipers. The front splitter, rear spoiler, hood vet, and diffuser all have carbon fibre trim work, as well.

The car has a 640-hp supercharged injected 6.2-ltr V8 engine that it gets its power from and can send a torque of 630-pound-feet to the car’s rear wheels from an eight-speed paddle-shift automatic. Fuel efficiency is kept via active fuel management feature by closing down those cylinders when not required. Additionally, the Performance Traction Management helps drivers to customize traction to surface conditions and composition.

Autofile reported that auto enthusiasts will be equally impressed by the car’s interior. The limited-edition vehicle has a Rear Camera Mirror, first of its kind in the industry, as well as jet black RECARO sport seats, panoramic sunroof, Performance Data Recorder, and a next-gen infotainment system.

For those opting for the luxury package, drivers will get tri-zone climate control, heated rear outboard seats, split folding rear seat, manual side sunshades, as well as power rear window sunshade in their CTS-V as well.

As with all new Caddy CTS-Vs, a two-day performance driving course is included with the car purchase.

Wondering when Cadillac is dropping the new limited-edition CTS-V Glacier Metallic? Vehicles are expected to hit Caddy dealerships and soon, with a release date that is very close: September 2017.

Sounds like a very happy birthday for both Cadillac and its customers alike!