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Nissan Working On Vehicles That Can Read Brains


The world of auto technology is a crazy one with self-driving vehicles on the horizon for public roads and infotainment centers that can blow your mind.

Speaking of, in order to stay on the cusp of this techwave, Nissan is ready to debut a function that will actually be able to read a person’s brain waves. Known as ‘Brain-to-Vehicle’ tech, the auto manufacturer plans on debuting this innovation at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
In the past, CES has revealed numerous self-driving technologies and concepts, and this year will be no exception to this as Nissan is taking autonomous driving a level further by creating technology that pull signs from a driver’s brain to get an idea of what they might to next, to help with their needs while behind a wheel.

As per Nissan, ‘Brain-to-Vehicle’ technology is a first of its kind. Once an individual places the device on, it automatically goes to work by measuring brain wave activity to determine if the driver is about to launch into movement. With the ability to determine if a driver is coming to stop or getting ready to turn, for example, ‘Brain-to-Vehicle’ tech prepares to assist the driver with said action. The automaker has stated that this new tech feature will help when it comes to driver reaction times, although the drivers themselves might not notice the function working.

Motortrend reported that it’s being said that the system will also pick up on if a driver is uncomfortable and assist with creating a relaxed environment by switching the car’s driving style or developing an augmented reality inside the vehicle.

The 2018 CES event takes place from Tuesday January 9th until Friday January 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Should be an interesting show to catch for any techy enthusiast … whether they are into cars or not …