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November 2019 Set As Production Start For Tesla Model Y


Tesla recently announced a target date of November 2019 as the beginning of their production for the brand’s highly-anticipated sport utility vehicle (SUV), the Model Y. Production within China is slated for two years after this date.

It’s being reported that Tesla is currently gathering preliminary bids around supplier contracts for the Model Y and the company has provided limited information about the project; yet now indicating that Model Y will be produced in Tesla’s Fremont California facilities, set for next year.

Despite its issues with Model 3, Reuters reported that Tesla is clearly pushing forward with its SUV production plans. The company issued a ‘request for information’ (RFI) to supplies, which offers a directional view around needs.

In most cases, auto manufacturers generally pick part suppliers for a new auto model at the two-and-a-half-year mark, prior to the beginning of production; with only 18 months before Model Y starts its production process, one might be worried. Still, one source states Tesla’s timeline is ‘aggressive’, yet ‘possible’; another noted that the projected timing is doable considering the model will be developed on Model 3’s platform.

The Model Y seems to be just one of a few projects ahead for the Tesla, as the brand announced the development of a new Roadster and Semi recently. The company plans to expand its Nevada Gigafactory battery facility, and another plant in China is in the works. In addition, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk advised to analysts that the brand was planning a goal of one million Model Ys, yearly. Let’s see if this indeed comes to fruition.

Musk also stated that capital investments linked to the Model Y would start near the end of this year. Tesla has noted that its Fremont factory could develop about 10,000 SUVs weekly.

Still, any program surrounding the new Tesla SUV would possibly need a new plant, although sources have stated that low Model Y volumes could potentially be built on the same line as the Model 3.