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Opel Uses Underwear To Sell More Station Wagons


Car companies can go to extreme lengths sometimes, with a goal to increase automobile sales, but this next story just may take the proverbial cake. A auto manufacturer out of Germany known as Opel has come up with a unique strategy to sell more station wagons – and it comes in the form of underwear.

Men’s underwear to be exact.

Apparently, there seems to be a decrease in testosterone levels in Denmark, and Opel thinks this is indirectly (or direct, perhaps) affecting the sales of their station wagon in Germany. As Opel explains it, lower testosterone can decrease a man’s sex drive and self-esteem; which at times, also leads to despairing choices (i.e. potentially buying a sports car, rather than a practical vehicle option like say, a station wagon); thus, declining sales. Thinking out of the box, the car company decided against making their wagon sportier, and went with creating a unique line of men’s underwear to help increase testosterone levels in the country.

Bet you are just dying to hear what they’ve named this underwear line? Right?

Dubbed, Ride Comfortably by Opel: The Astra Sports Tourer Collection, the company has stated that the product is made from cooling materials that males of all sizes and shapes will find comfortable (as being comfortable and cool in that area helps when it comes to producing testosterone). The company also boasts that the line has been designed by Danish lingerie experts.

MSN reported that apparently those who designed this underwear line were inspired by the car models of Opel, with the fly of the indie created to ensure “easy access to a male’s manhood”. Not sure if this last part of the underwear campaign will work for or against the company, but we will have to go with the idea that it just might not.

And Opel’s underwear idea does not stop there. Apparently Danish men that are interested in seeing an increase in their testosterone production can try out their product (the underwear that is) to see if they can garner any results. Opel is offering a free pair of these undies for those who make their way to With the slogan of ‘ride comfortably’, this