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Police Chief Writes Up Speeding Ticket … For Himself!


Any daily commuter may swear to themselves (up and down) that there is a time in the month that police cruisers seem to plague the area; looking to issue out speeding tickets to drivers. Some may even joke around with the idea that the police may need to hit a speeding ticket ‘quota’, and it seems like during these times police cars can be found hidden in bushes and in the most outrageous areas just to nab speeders to issue out tickets.

Perhaps that is the case when it comes to a small town in Oklahoma just north of Tulsa, named Sperry, where a police chief recently wrote up a speeding citation … to himself.

Well, in actuality there is a good reason as to why the chief issued a speeding ticket to himself, and that was because he was caught speeding on tape.

MSN reported that Police Chief Justin Burch recently hit social media, the Sperry police department’s Facebook page to be exact, writing a statement to the community. His Facebook apology was posted on Saturday, April 15th, Easter Weekend, where he stated it was wrong to be driving at 75 to 80 mph in a zone that was only 50 mph, and admitted he was breaking the law by doing so.

While he may not have issued a ticket had it not been caught on tape, Burch did add that there was a reason for the excessive speed, but he did not go into detail around why. The post went on to note that he will be held accountable for his speeding, just as anyone within the community would be. He went on to state that he had written himself a speeding citation and plans to pay the ticket in full. He also officially apologized to the community for what he did.

Said citation is being reported as an over $300 speeding ticket.

Which goes to prove once again, especially in this day and age where technology can catch anyone in any act; no one is above the law.