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Porsche 356 Replica Lands In A Canal & Documented On Twitter

We all get into parking jams now and again, but a United Kingdom driver of a Porsche 356 replica found himself in a real sticky situation. Or maybe better wording would be … some hot water?
Perhaps, just high waters in general.

Based on some tweets hailing from Unbound, the first-ever crowdfunding publisher across the globe, said replica Porsche 356 was seen being pushed out from its parking spot thanks to van driver that wasn’t all too attentive. Literally, the van came out of nowhere, backing into the spot, essentially pushing the perfect little Porsche into a water canal in one fell swoop.

Did the driver of the van not see the car already there? Did he not care? Does he have a valid license? Those questions are unanswered; however, the incident occurred close to the London headquarters of Unbound, and company reps were able to document the entire thing and post updates, photos, and video for the world to see on Twitter.

And while it may be something to cry about, pretty sure the Porsche owner isn’t too pleased about the entire situation, Unbound did present the entire ordeal in hilarity, via a series of tweets.

Motor 1 revealed that the Porsche 356 could be seen in photo posts (with added comments), within the canal, and half of the car submerged in water. Thanks to CCTV video footage from a nearby coffee shop, the question of why a blue Porsche 356 replica was floating in the water was answered; otherwise, some may have thought the Porsche driver was simply escaping a chase and flew in the water on their own accord … seems like such an action-movie thing to do with a speedster car like the 356. Regardless, the video footage of the van bumping out the Porsche into the canal was also posted.

Hopefully the driver of the van was found and charged, and that the owner of the Porsche gets some sort of compensation around the entire incident.


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