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Potential Partnership Brewing Between Google and Hyundai


Google and Hyundai Motor are currently talking about a potential partnership, as the auto manufacturer is looking to remain competitive within the market, and is seeking some outside expertise.

As Jeong Jin Haeng, Hyundai’s President stated after a meeting between local automakers and the trade ministry, the two organizations have a common area where they are both in need of cooperation.

Autonews reported that Hyundai has been one of the car companies that has taken to adopting Google’s Alphabet’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay; two systems that combine vehicle dashboards with Android/iPhone handsets.

No other details were revealed, nor was confirmation provided by Jeong on whether Hyundai is thinking about combining efforts with Google to create a self-driving car.

Unlike some of the competition, the car company has refrained from alliances or partnerships in the past, to make high-level, low-volume, electric vehicles or sports cars. As it seems, Hyundai now may be re-thinking this strategy, and might be more open to partnerships that can help them remain competitive in this ever-changing auto market, that seems to be racing towards connected cars, and autonomous vehicles.

Ko Tae Bong, Hi Investment & Securities Co. noted that the company is lagging behind other automaker competition as it relates to autonomous cars. He goes on to state, that it may not be by choice, but cooperating with techy companies like Google just may be an important prerequisite for Hyundai to survive.

This potential future collaboration might be helped along by John Krafcik, ex-Hyundai U.S. Chief; who, in 2015, began working at Google to head up the company’s autonomous-driving vehicle project. The unit has entered in over 1.7 million miles of self-driving across America with prototypes; however, Google has made it clear that the company does not have a timeline for developing an autonomous vehicle for the public.

Still, just this past spring, the Silicon Valley organization had stated that it had come to an agreement with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) to create a fleet of 100 autonomous-driving minivans. This was the first time Google has aligned with a traditional car company to create a self-driving vehicle.