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Queen Gets Nabbed For Not Wearing A Seat Belt


No one is above the law in the UK … well, maybe only one or two people are … or a certain family? That might very well be the case, with an interesting story coming out of London recently. British Emergency Services reportedly received an anonymous call by a London driver to state that they spotted The Queen (Elizabeth II) without her seatbelt on. Reports indicate that a #999 call was received by West Yorkshire Police to alert them of the no-seatbelt. Still, the call was quickly flagged as a non-emergency, as UK law states that her Majesty is not subject to criminal or civil proceedings, which made the no-seatbelt action a non-issue.

However, in this day and age of social media, that doesn’t make the incident non-newsworthy. The West Yorkshire Police Department jumped on Twitter to post about the call. Their first post relayed about a #999 call they received, telling them that the Queen wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. The very next morning, they hopped on Twitter to post a funny tweet, stating they hoped the Queen would behave that day …

At least they have a sense of humor around the incident.

MSN reported that while the anonymous driver might have simply been doing his ‘civic duty’, the West Yorkshire Police get over 1,000 emergency calls each day. In fact, their Twitter handle posts consistently around these #999 calls as well (as mentioned above); where some calls are urgent, while others aren’t so crucial – with the Queen’s lack of seatbelt buckling landing near the ‘less urgent’ category.

It’s being reported that the Queen was heading to Westminster with Prince Charles at the time the call was made. While her press office did acknowledge the incident, it refrained from commenting on the West Yorkshire Police Department tweet. #Scandalous