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Ram CEO: Midsize On The Horizon & Classic Truck Staying

Ram CEO, Mike Manley, recently relayed two pretty incredible tidbits of information in regard to the auto brand, confirming a new mid-size pickup is on the horizon, and he also declared the brand’s Ram classic wasn’t going anywhere.

Manley recently relayed in an interview that the lack of mid-size pickup in this range was creating a “hole” in Ram’s portfolio; an issue the brand wants to fix.

He also made it clear this new mid-size truck will not be the Gladiator, as it has a different type of mission. Manley also noted that it would not be built on the same platform as the Gladiator. Having said that, developing it on another architecture will cost Ram extra in the long run.

The executive did admit that the company is struggling around finding a platform that is cost effective to build the mid-size pickup, especially in an area where they can build it within a low-cost budget, but still have it relatable to the market.

Regardless of this issue, reported that Manley went on to note that the brand is focused on rectifying this mid-size pickup issue, as it is a significant portion of their growth and portfolio objectives.

While it seemed as if Ram may be on the fence about a mid-size pickup, it’s clear that they have made a decision and are moving forward with some sort of plan. All eyes may be on Ram in the next little while, as the truck’s debut could be eminent in the near future.

Lastly, Ram’s CEO also relayed plans to continue its sale of the last-gen Ram Classic, hand-in-hand with its new Ram 1500; noting the last one as the real and traditional workman’s pickup. It seems as if the Ram Classic could remain in dealerships all the way through until the end of the year.


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