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Recall: 2017 Ford F-250, Due To Rolling In “Park” Position


Brace yourselves auto enthusiasts, we have another recall on our hands and this time Ford pickup owners should be on high alert. The Ford Motor company has issued a recall on F-250 pickup trucks, as these vehicles have the potential to roll when the automatic transmission is placed in park. The company issued this statement on Saturday April 1st, and it is no April Fools’ Day prank; there are about 52,600 pickups sold in America and Canada that are a part of this recall.

Sadly, it seems the company has been pounded by recall as of late. The one above is the third Ford has announced within a week or so, and those who own the 2017 F-250, which were made at the company’s Louisville, Kentucky plant and powered with 6.2-liter engine are the ones that are affected this time around.

MSN reported that Ford has stated it has not been made aware of any accidents or injuries linked to this recent recall. So, there certainly is some good news when it comes to this latest recall. On March 29th, Ford issued a recall for about 211,000 of their cars in North America, due to an issue with the driver’s side door latches. Yet another recent Ford recall was issued on 230,000 cars due to a risk of fire in the engine. The company had reported that there had been 29 fires due to this issue, but once again, thankfully no one has been injured.

It seems that Ford is on a bad luck roll when it comes to recalls. The automaker had 4 million cars recalled regarding issues around door latches in six different announcements stemming all the back to 2014, which also entails a recall of 2.4 million vehicles in 2016.

(Photo credit to Motor Trend)