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“RoboCop” Might Become A Real Thing

Remember the late-1980s flick Robocop? Well, this could become a thing and soon, as an engineering firm is currently working on a robotic police officer with the idea of keeping cops safe while working. What will their first action item be when hitting the beat? Giving people tickets!

Currently affixed in front of a Toyota Prius during the testing phase, the police-bot will be extended by the vehicle along a track towards a car that is pulled over. According to, the robo-cop features include a screen, camera, and printer, and as such, the driver will be able to see the police officer who has pulled them over. Interestingly enough, spike strips can be deployed by the robot under the vehicle that has been pulled over, to avoid any awkward situations where individuals could feel as if they could just drive off and avoid a ticket all together. Robot police office may seem cute, but he’s also all business.

You must be wondering where the concept came from, and it seems as if Rueben Brewer, engineer, started working on this in his basement. It then got it picked up by SRI International, who hopes to have this idea become reality and soon. 

The aim of the police-bot is to offer a buffer between anybody in vehicle that is pulled over and a cop. The idea is that officers can avoid any potential harm or risks from a routine speeding ticket, and this could make daily tasks like speeding tickets much easier to process.

While it is in its early stages, don’t expect the robot officer to be attached to Prius moving forward, it was most likely the vehicle of choice for testing. 

Could this actually come to fruition; robot cops that hand out tickets? Anything is possible, and with the auto industry moving towards self-driving cars, it seems we may also be moving into a world where people interacting with actual people may be a thing of the past.


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