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The Rock Offers A Preview Of Cars In “Furious 8” On Social Media


While many fans of the Fast and Furious franchise are eagerly awaiting the release of the next film, Dwayne Johnson (also known as “The Rock” to wrestling fans) recently posted a video that showcased some of the cars that will be featured in the next movie, Fast 8. This isn’t the first time a Fast 8 star provided teasers about the film on social media, with Vin Diesel taking to Facebook, earlier this year, to announce the release date of the movie, which is said to be April 14th of next year.

The video clip was filmed with The Rock on the Fast 8 set. Johnson began his Instagram video, thanking his fans for supporting him, as he proclaimed it was the opening weekend for his new flick, Central Intelligence. He also acknowledged his fans for the standing ovations he and the film received from audiences in the East Coast; and tells other fans across America that the movie will hitting their areas too.

Then, The Rock gets down to the business of cars.

While taking a stroll on the set, Johnson then goes on to note, that there is a prototype $2 million-dollar Nissan, the fastest viper worldwide, and an O.G. Biscayne; which he says is ‘his style’. He also states there are Lamborghinis on set, Ferraris – and then the Rock cracks a joke that he can’t fit into those vehicles anyway.

The Nissan shown in The Rock’s video, is the concept IDx, from 2013. There is word that the sporty, rear-drive, compact coupe rivals the Toyota ’86 and Subaru BRZ; but apparently, plans for this such model have been placed on the back burner. Regardless, The Rock’s Instagram video has peaked the interest of auto enthusiasts and Furious fans alike; in huge anticipation for the movie, and how these cars will be used in the film.

The very first Fast and Furious was released approximately 15 years ago, in June 18, 2001. MSN reported that the movies have received incredible success, and are in much demand, with Fast 8 the eighth installment of the franchise of films.