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Safe Driving Camp For Teens Totally Free Starting in South Dakota This Month


There is nothing scarier for parents of teenagers then when they begin to learn how to drive, as we tend to sit around all day worrying for that “phone call” that they have been in accident. It’s a stressful time of hoping you’ve prepared your son or daughter to react accordingly to everyone else on the road, and paying crazy insurance rates until they gain some experience. The folks in Sioux Falls are doing their best to keep their teens safe and secure by offering a camp that focuses the art of safe driving.

Argus Leader informs the public that the Ford Driving Skills for Life Camp begins on July 25th during their tour that will be stopping in six different states to spread the word that driving safe is cool. Jim Graham, who is the manager of the Ford Driving Skills camp says “Our real goal is that they take away something that we’re teaching them so that when something happens on the road, rather than panic, they would at least have an idea of how to react,”.

The camp is set up to review four key components that tend to result in teen car accidentally each year:

Vehicle Handling
Hazard Recognition
Speed Management
Distracted Driving

The camp will consist of the teen drivers viewing educational films, then taking their knowledge out to the streets and going through a course. It even places them in a special suit designed for the program as well as allowing them to mimic the results of driving whilst under the influence. These are imperative lessons that are never covered in this type of detail during any driver’s education class. With the current rise and codependency of cell phones and texting, the risk is even greater for teenage drivers to be involved in car accidents. Young drivers have a tendency to think that they are invincible, but the numbers locally don’t depict the same theory. In South Dakota just this year thus far there have been 6 fatalities involving a teenager driving throughout the state. In 2014, there were 12 young drivers killed.

The other states included in the educational driving tour are Nebraska, North Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. It is 100% free of charge to join the camp, and parents are encourages to come along with their teens to enjoy the whole experience.