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Senior Citizen Driving Classes Are A Welcomed Trend


Sometimes life seems like its backwards; you work so hard to finally retire and enjoy the good life, and you’re body just wants to rest. Becoming a senior citizen is quite an achievement, and if you’re one that happens to still enjoy the freedom of driving yourself around, you may want to pay close attention to the new courses that are being offered in Pennsylvania.

It has been on the minds of thousands in the past, as to why you aren’t required to retake your driving road test once you reach a certain age. There are a high number of car accidents and even deaths per year due to senior drivers not being equipped to still handle the roads as they once could so effortlessly. People don’t pay attention to the road as they previously did, and with cell phones and texting thrown into the equation, drivers of all ages need to be on high alert just making a basic trip to the local store.

No one is insinuating that senior drivers aren’t good at maneuvering the roads, but instead just ensuring they have that extra layer of confidence by taking a refresher class. The Sharon Herald reports that if you reside in PA, you will also reap the reward of earning a 5% discount on insurance for 3 years, every time you complete a senior driving class.

To qualify-

-Drivers must be 55 years of age or older to attend
-Class completion consists of- attending a 2 day seminar to be qualified, then passing the refresher driving session
-AAA driving tips that have been practiced for over a century are reviewed in the curriculum
-You do not have to attend a classroom setting or embark on a road driving course
-Cost is $16.00 per person, and $21.95 for the classes
-Classes are offered online

For more details, and a quick informational video, please visit: