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Why Skylink Should Be Utilized In Every Car Dealership

Nothing feels like more of a violation of your own privacy than being a victim of theft. It’s expensive to replace stolen items, it shakes up your level of personal security, and it can have serious repercussions if the right measures aren’t in place going forward. Just in the United States alone a vehicle is stolen every 28.8 seconds. Don’t think it could happen to you? Considering the odds are 1 out of 210, you could very well become the next victim of car theft if you don’t protect yourself now.

Sky Link is a product growing in popularity for its ability to combine security with technology giving the owner peace of mind should anything ever happen to their vehicle. The device can track the vehicle anywhere in the nation, and also notify local authorities to help retrieve the car or truck while it’s happening in real time.

The cost of replacing a stolen car can go well into the thousands, as well as raise your insurance rates, which no car dealership ever wants to hear. With Sky Link you don’t have to pay any of those monthly subscription fees that other companies charge, and it provides you with that added piece of value when you transfer the vehicle to a new owner.

It doesn’t end there either, as Sky Link has thought of everything with the dealer in mind offering an upwards of $5,000 should your car not be able to be recovered within 30 days.

Don’t allow your car lot full of expensive inventory end up potentially ruining your business for years to come. Contact Sky Link today and give yourself the protection you need!

Jaclyn Hughes


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