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Sony Creates Innovative Audio System For 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum


Automobile manufacturer Ford has partnered up with Sony to create an innovative 500-watt sound system for their new 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum. The SUV will showcase some firsts within the automobile industry: Sony’s Live Acoustics and Clear Phase technologies, which were originally created for higher-level home audio systems.

In order to successfully combine this system into the 2016 Platinum edition of the Explorer, engineers at Sony spent over 100 hours working with the system to provide drivers and passengers an in-car experience like none other. Automobile Mag reports the truck will feature 12 high-power speakers, scattered within ten different locations in the car, the system provides an all-new Class D amplifier which aims to eliminate any strain to the speakers. In addition, the system has a subwoofer with an 8-inch driver and 12-liter enclosure; as well as chrome tweeters and door woofers to enhance the sound.

Clear Phase creates an audio within the SUV that sounds like it is coming from platform larger than Ford’s Explorer. The technology removes sound dispersion, and clarifies vocals. Clear Phase distinguishes each instrument being played, as if it has its own space within the Explorer; effectively ensuring that sounds do not overpower each other.

Goro Shiraishi, concertmaster, Sony Philharmonic Orchestra noted that the reasoning behind the innovative sound system was the simple fact that previous audio technology was only available in Sony’s premium home systems. Thus, to create an enhanced listening experience for owners of the Explorer Platinum, Sony digitally added Live Acoustics’ into the SUV’s audio system.

With the 25 year history of the Explorer, in addition to this audio system feature, Ford has added has a new and sleeker look to the Platinum edition, as compared to past models. It also has an Ecoboost engine, and provides additional features that will peak the interest of a wide variety of customers; both within the demographics of mainstream and premium clientele.