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Squirrels Store Nuts In VW Golf


This is a nutty little auto story stemming from Britain. A real estate agent recently left his vehicle parked while heading off to a five-week holiday, only to find it filled with nuts upon his return.

Andre Wilkins, aged 25, left his VW Golf in Surrey and trotted to an overseas vacation to India, Thailand, and Vietnam for five weeks along with his girlfriend. When he returned, while trying to get the car to move, he found major problems around shifting its gears. He dropped the vehicle off at a garage and found that something squirrelly indeed was going on with the Golf; some not-so-sweet little rodents had used his glove box to store acorns.

According to Autoblog, as Wilkins put it, when he opened the glovebox he found it filled to the brim with acorns.

Within seconds, all the repair shop mechanics gathered around the vehicle and shared a good laugh. Upon further investigating, they found that the reason the car was having issues with its gears was because these little nuts were jam packed in the engine compartment, as well as the shift link. One hour later, it turns out the entire Golf was filled with these nuts.

As the mechanics continued to do a search, a dead rat was found, which is not too uncommon.

When all was said and done, Wilkins paid $200 to fix the vehicle, which included getting rid of that nasty rat as well.

Still, despite all the fuss, Wilkins does feel bad for the squirrels. As he puts it, while he did have squirrel squatters take over his Golf for about a month, in the end, he has essentially ruined their winter storage for the season and all their hard work has gone to waste.

Poor squirrels! Here’s hoping the Golf wasn’t the only place they stored their acorns.