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Study: New Porsche Owners Viewed As “Rivals”

It would seem that most people would think highly of anyone buying a Porsche these days, but a study coming out of Germany is indicating otherwise. As per the research, which was published this past fall in the Evolutionary Psychology, it seems that men actually look down upon their male peers who drive this model of car, versus a vehicle that is more modest, like say, a Ford Fiesta. As it seems, the study measured loyalty, agreeableness, as well as friendless of individuals based only on what type of vehicle they purchase.

The results of the survey seemed to go against what most have come to learn from owners and enthusiasts of this car brand; but as they say, perception can sometime become reality.
Individuals who participated in the research were given a photo of a male who had seemingly just bought a brand-new Porsche Boxster.

MSN revealed that those within the study viewed this man as a ‘rival’, versus a possible friend. The male was also perceived to be more flirty, more attractive, ambitious, as well as intelligent, and was thought to have a high status. Other participants in the study were shown the same picture of that same man, yet they were told he had just bought a new Ford Fiesta. Participants perceived this man as having qualities of a ‘friend’, and was thought to be loyal.

So, who would you rather befriend … a person with a Porsche Boxster or Ford Fiesta? If you car-pooled with them, the Porsche owner just may win.

But seriously, while past studies have dived into ideas around exposed consumption and ‘luxury’ items that assist males to show their value and attract partners, they have never dug deeper into the idea of competition with other men when it comes to these high-priced products.
It is also important to note that the study had a small sample of participants at 160 men surveyed, so it may not adequately reflect what ‘all men feel’. Secondly, it took place in Germany, with many differences between psychological and socio-economics between German men, versus American.

Still, it does provide an interesting perspective. Cars can tell a lot about the individual that owns them and this study now takes a deeper consideration on how cars can change a person’s perception about an individual … or a potential friend.


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