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The Subaru Outback Ranks High As One of 2015’s Best Cars


It’s no surprise to learn that the Subaru Outback is still slaying the competition as the car has been considered one of the most dependable for ages, but once again it is sweeping the rankings in 2015. The Outback is a midsize SUV that is categorized in the “Crossover” section of vehicles, which is a growing type of car/truck that is ideal for families and active adults. They make great cars for traveling with dogs, to toting around band equipment from show to show each weekend. It’s roomy, safe, and gets pretty decent fuel mileage.

The cool part that separates the Subaru from the rest is that it is designed to get dirty, to play in the snow, and to go off terrain with ease. When is the last time you saw a Ford Edge covered in mud or going off-roading? Not exactly typical for the competition, but for the Outback it definitely is. It was first gaining exposure back in the 1990’s, and quickly gained a massive swarm of fans and lifelong “Subie” lovers. They have evolved so much in the last few years, to now offering drivers their “Eyesight” program that features a collision mitigation system and all new cruise technology.

This car is perfect for:

Anyone that is active, or totes around sports equipment regularly from surfboards to skis and bikes. Fasten your kayak to it and off you go! As mentioned earlier, it is also ideal for traveling with little ones and your furry kids. You can also use it to hit the open road on your next car trip adventure with little concern of fuel and safety concerns.

The Outback pricing list begins at $26K and goes up from there depending on what features you need to make your ideal car. The popular premium models that are loaded with features usually come in at around 28-30K, which is still reasonable especially when you consider how long the Subarus last without breaking. You can get a great ROI on an Outback, and most families pass them down to their children when they become of driving age. They also resell for outstanding value, which can be checked out on Kelley Blue Book for more details on this car and its current rankings.