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Subarus Are Ugly And The Company Is Working On It


Sorry Subarus owners, but we are all aware that while the cars from this company might be a solid purchase to get you from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’, they have never been known for their great design.

Guess what? The company knows this too and they are on it!

MSN reported that during an interview with WardsAuto, the Product Planning and Design Manager for Subaru, Matt Wherry recently stated that the automaker is placing a re-emphasis on design as a competitive mark. He goes on to say that the company does make great cars, but they have not always been beautiful – and that the hopes around this are, moving forward, Subarus will go to level they haven’t hit before when it relates to emotional appeal.

In the car industry these days, style is a vital point to differentiate models and help them stand out from the crowd of all the new cars that are released out on the market. While Subaru is doing well in the auto industry, as Wherry stated, this new plan around design is simply about successfully hurdling over a final frontline, and not as much about worrying around losing sales or customers. Wherry also noted that the company’s infotainment area is also a new focus, with a team appointed to get their models’ center console to reach a new level, as it has been lagging.

Subaru stated some elements of this new design plan have creeped their way into the new Impreza, with the model showcasing doors with dramatic curves and a front-end that is increasingly sculpted.

It may not be a beautiful car just yet, but Subaru’s Impreza design improvements does show that the company is committed to a renewed focus when it comes to car cosmetics. It will be interesting to see the evolution of this focus, as the months and years unfold.