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SUV in Britain Swarmed By 20,000 Bees


It’s that time of year again! Birds are chirping, flowers are growing, and bees are buzzing around, trying to pollinate and make some honey. Well, according to the Telegraph, a woman in Britain, by the name of Carol Howarth, got a little more of nature than she bargained for, when a large swarm of bees, about 20,000 of the little buggers, swarmed her SUV.

Seems like a crazy post you would see on Facebook or Twitter, but this became a harsh reality. The vehicle in question was actually a Mitsubishi Outlander, and the seemed quite smitten with the SUV, since all 20,000 of them stayed on it for about two days. It finally took a park ranger, three beekeepers, and various other community members nearby to lure the swarming bees (all 20,000 of them), into a cardboard box.

So why would that many bees swarm an Outlander? Was it the color they were attracted to, or the design and shape of the model? Neither, actually. The simple fact was, the swarm’s queen ended up trapped in the trunk of the vehicle; and they simply followed it to the car. Once the queen bee was released, the swarm followed, and all was well with the world once again.

MSN reported that as Howarth herself noted, after the ordeal, this is the time of year for bees to swarm, and it is their natural instinct to follow their queen.

Lesson learnt from all this? Try not to get a queen bee locked in your vehicle when the warmer weather hits!